Careers at Beltway Proposals

Proposal Managers

The Proposal Manager will co-ordinate and produce the proposal response whilst assembling a proposal team with the relevant service / product / business knowledge required to win. Responsibilities include introduction and implementation of all necessary proposal procedures and processes. This is a highly networked role that requires an ability to work under pressure and to challenging deadlines.  Shipley training preferred.  Send resume to

Proposal Coordinators

As the proposal coordinator, you will work to edit and design the finalized proposal document. You will either be developing a template for the proposal or ensuring that an established template is followed. You will also work with the proposal team to ensure that deadlines are met. In many situations, you could be working on multiple proposals at the same time. Shipley training preferred.  Send resume to

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers produce designs that get our clients' messages across with high visual impact. They work on a huge variety of proposals to create graphics that distinguish major themes while solidifying corporate identity with the proposal grader.   Send resume to