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Beltway Proposals is quickly becoming the "Go-To" Proposal Team for 8a's in the DC area with our winning results.

Providing an edge

Servicing the Small Business Needs

Small businesses deserve a fair playing field.  Larger companies are able to employ teams of proposal experts.  After years of working for both small and large ($1B) firms, I have decided to offer small businesses the opportunity to compete with the resources available to your large business competitors.  Beltway Proposals LLC was recently launched to provide your company with experts in proposal preparation, coordination, and management.  

Making a Difference

As a former proposal grader for the government, I have seen firsthand the mistakes often made with the greatest of intentions by small firms.  I make sure that Beltway Proposals not only provides outstanding proposal services, but that we also teach the intricacies of bid strategies.  With that I will offer my first bit of advice…

Put yourself in your future customer’s shoes

The proposal is about the customer NOT YOU.  Nothing will turn off a grader more than opening up a bid to generic corporate waffle.  The only information about your company worth sharing is specifically related to how you will solve your customer’s problem.

About Us

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Federal and DoD Proposal Experts

Why Beltway Proposals

Improving the PWin of small businesses like yours

Our mission

Delivering quality proposal services to small businesses throughout the National Capital Region

Our Services

Proposal Coordination and Management

At Beltway Proposals, our goal is to help clients win more government contracts. We provide a complete proposal team or selected individual SMEs to manage proposal development from RFP decomposition to proposal delivery.  We provide management, technical,  resume, and past performance volume expertise as well as lead and participate in blue, pink, red, compliance, and gold team reviews.

Proposal Grading

The proposal grading process has historically been shrouded in secrecy by government graders. It can also be confusing to the small businesses who have been through other proposals and may have different understandings and expectations of requirements in the RFP. Let our experts review your completed proposal and provide expert grading services by professionals who have been on the “other side” of the proposal process.

Emergency Services

Have you hit a wall and are having trouble with the messaging of your solution?  Up against a tight deadline?  Let our experts provide a team to get your proposal across the finish line "on-time and compliant" with a winning solution that speaks to your strengths and provides the grader with a clear feeling of the great opportunity to work with your company.


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